Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scicom training...


Dah nak masok 4 weeks kat scicom. Actually, fiza training call centre nih 8 weeks. After dah abes, fiza akan dpt cert BTEC Level 3 : Advanced Cert in International Contact Centre Operations. Fiza xpenah tpikir nk keje call centre. Tp ntah la.. suddenly dpt offer amek kursus nih.. n after this will work in that industry.. why not i try..

Macam2 fiza belaja kt training nih.. training ni jugak ajar English.. well, english fiza xbagus mana pon.. so dgn training nih.. sdikit sbnyak mbantu jugak la..Training bnyak sgt assignment. Ade 5 unit sume nyer.. setiap unit ade 2 assignment.. Assignment die presentation ngan report writing. Huhuhu... dah lame meninggalkan zaman belajar.. so skang nih.. i have to work on it again! Yg paling cuak tuh presentation la.. Cant speak in other language except ENGLISH! Uwaa.. its very tough for me.. But on d 1st presentation last week... i think i did a good job..even though, got mistakes. PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT !! always remember that....

So now, fiza tgh wat preparation utk next assignment.. 2nd presentation..! tapi kan.. sronok blaja kat Scicom nih.. Trainers nyer.. sgt best.. derang ngajar pon best.. very friendly.. Even fiza dpt new friends here.. Alot of friends.. I love making new friend. I have few picha of them.. Lets see it....

with fiza =)

without fiza =)

Herm.. nnt fiza akan update gmba lagi ngan mmber2 scicom.. :-)

Ok la, fiza got to go.. fiza nk sambung wat research assignment fiza nih.. Kang xsiap. Apape pon, all d best !!


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  1. salam fiza..i huda from kuantan, i bru pas g intrview tuk attend this kursus.. bole share sket x? blur ni.. huuu..
    umah sewa lom cr lg..
    pls ctact me 013.3443230 or email